Academic Societies

Stellenbosch University Surgical Society (SUSS)

To promote and encourage interest and student development in the field of surgery. To enrich and educate students about the field of surgery, and – in the context of modern society – , its bio-psycho-social impact. To develop the surgical knowledge and skills of undergraduate students. To better equip them for their surgical rotations during internship.

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Instagram: @susurgical society

International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA)

The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), founded in 1951, is one of the world’s oldest and largest student-run organisations. It represents, connects and engages every day with an inspiring and engaging network of 1.3 million medical students from 133 NMOs in 123 countries around the globe.

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Instagram: @su_ifmsa

Maties Speech Therapy en Gehoorvereniging (MSTGV)

The MSTGV is a committee established to create awareness of the Speech-, Language and Hearing Therapy field at Stellenbosch University. More importantly, it is a committee that aims to support and encourage the “speechies” and create a sense of community amongst them.

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Instagram: @su_speechsociety

Tygerberg for Choice

Tygerberg for choice advocates for sexual and reproductive health rights and aims to ensure healthcare workers are educated and appropriately trained in providing care that supports patients’ autonomous and informed decisions.

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Instagram: @tygerbergforchoice

Stellenbosch University Forensic Sciences Society (SUFSS)

The SUFSS focuses on inspiring students to delve into the world of forensic sciences by introducing them to experts across the globe who will teach them valuable knowledge and skills via interactive talks and workshops.

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Instagram: @4n6society

University of Stellenbosch Student Physiotherapy Society (USSPS)

USSPS represents the physiotherapy students of Stellenbosch University. We are passionate about supporting our future-physios, placing emphasis on social interaction, academic support and engagement, mental wellness and active involvement in our all spheres of our field.

Instagram: @stellenbosch_physio

SU Psychiatry Society (SUPS)

SUPS hosts mental health professionals who present talks about the neurobiological underpinnings of mental illness, cognitive behavioural therapy and other fascinating topics. We, as a society, aim to fight stigma surrounding mental health through education. We also strive to give students the opportunity to improve their own mental health.

Contact Information:

Instagram: @su_psychiatrysociety

SURGE (Society of Undergraduate Research promoting Growth and Excellence)

SURGE is dedicated to undergraduate research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), Stellenbosch University. We represent a diverse group of health sciences students who share a common interest in research. As such, we aim to promote interest in research and evidence-based practices within the student body, as well as to support students who are contemplating or conducting research projects of their own.

Contact Information:

Instagram: @surge_tygerberg