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Boler and Zembylas on a “Pedagogy of discomfort”

Subsequent to Megan Boler and Michalinos’ Zembylas’ exciting presentation of the concept of a “pedagogy of discomfort” in 2003, a teaching/research group I have been part of since 2005, the Community, Self and Identity group, has been working very productively … Continue reading

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A Hopeful Book: Education, Democracy and Citizenship Revisited, by Yusef Waghied

One of the functions I would like this blog to fulfill, is that of a resource page on the kind of teaching in higher education that will engender critical forms of hope in our students. The “resources” link above will … Continue reading

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“Freire is complex” – opinion piece by Gerrit van Schalkwyk

The Colloquium on Hopeful Pedagogies has been and gone. Many of the inputs have now been placed on this blog, for further reading. Thanks to all the presenters! The colloquium may be over, but the debate about hope and the … Continue reading

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First real posting on hopeful pedagogies

Welcome to this blog on hopeful pedagogies. This is an experiment in many senses. It is the focussing of a general conversation at Stellenbosch University on specifically how we can TEACH for the public good. It is the first time … Continue reading

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Welcome to this posting on teaching for the public good.

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