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Free access to selected websites

Unfortunately Facebook and Twitter don’t fall into this category! However, in future, you will have free internet access to selected sites connected via the SANREN network.

One of the main objectives of SANREN is to promote research and improve communication for research at tertiary institutions. If you work closely with other institutions connected to this network, you can now access the http, https and ftp versions of the sites below for free –



In addition to this, you can also request free access to other sites you need for academic and research purposes. Therefore, if you need to access a site regularly for work, let us know by sending an email to

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2 Responses to “Free access to selected websites”

  1. Sonja van der Westhuizen says:

    Hi Johann,

    die twee rims-adresse is en Aims is nog nie op die bestaande lys nie.

  2. Johann says: wou nie konnekteer nie. Bedoel jy dalk aims?
    Ander webwerwe wat personeel en nagraadse studente dikwels gebruik (almal op *


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