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Eduroam: New certificate

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Since the beginning of this year the MatiesWiFi service is no longer available for any staff or students for access to WiFi on campus. Instead you will be required to use eduroam for wireless connections. This change was mainly made to ensure better security. More information.  

To further improve security and comply to eduroam’s GEANT guidelines we had to implement a new security certificate. This certificate will lead to better performance and speed up the sign-on process in future.

If you connect and sign on to eduroam on a Windows device, depending on the versions, you will be prompted with the messages below. This will happen only once. Click on Connect and continue working as usual.  Similar messages will appear if you work on devices with Linux or Apple operating systems.

NB. Please take note that you need to enter your full sun email address when signing on to eduroam.

Windows 8.1


Windows 10




Goodbye Inetkey

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Until recently staff and students of Stellenbosch University had to use Inetkey to gain access to the internet. This tool acted both as a security gatekeeper and as a billing system for internet usage. 

At the end of 2019 when the Council of Stellenbosch University approved the budget for 2020, it included the introduction to a a new internet model. This decision also kicked off the project to phase out Inetkey.  The Finance Committee decided to levy an annual, once-off fee and for 2021 a once-off fee of R674.00 (R57.83 per month) was agreed on. Subsequently staff’s internet fee will in future be included in the annual username registration fee. 

The discontinuation of Inetkey also included the replacement of an outdated firewall. During the weekend of 19 February the outdated firewall that we have been using for internet access from campus was replaced and subsequently the necessity for Inetkey fell away.  

After the replacement Inetkey is no longer necessary for internet access and from 15 March the application will give an error message if you use it. You can therefore remove and/or uninstall the Inetkey app from all your devices. 

Change your password online

Thursday, February 25th, 2021

In the past, the IT Service Desk was your first stop when you forgot your password (we know, it happens to us too!) or had to change your password. Unfortunately, due to various security risks, as well as the very strict new data protection acts, the Service Desk is no longer allowed to change or reset your password for you. (You can read more about the university’s own Data Privacy Regulation here)

We would like to encourage staff and students to use the Password Selfhelp website in future. We realise that this might be inconvenient, but for your and our own protection, we will have to follow this procedure. 

 The Password Selfhelp website ( offers two options: 

  1. Change Password for users who know what their password is and want to change it. 
  2. Reset Password for users who forgot their password. 

To use the online Password Selfhelp, your cellphone number or an alternative email address has to be on the HR records, otherwise, you will not be able to change your password. You can update this information by logging onto SUN-e-HR though the staff portal, or contacting your department’s HR contact person. 

Select the My Profile link – Personal Information

Log on to SUN-e-HR.

Select Basic Details – Update, Other, Personal Email Address 


Select  Phone Numbers – Update

During the password change process a PIN code, consisting of 8 numbers, will be SMSed or emailed to the user (depending on which option he/she selected) Please use this PIN to change your password on the self help website. As soon as the password has been changed, the user will be notified by means of SMS or email.

If you have not requested a password change, please notify the IT Service Desk immediately at 808 4367.


If you are working from home you will also need to follow these instructions after you’ve changed your password to ensure that it sync properly across devices and accounts.

Fixed internetfee now included in networkregistration

Monday, February 8th, 2021

At the end of 2019 when the Council of Stellenbosch University approved the budget for 2020, it included the introduction to a a new internet model. This decision led to a phasing out process of Inetkey – the tool used to track and account for the internet usage of staff and students. Although Inetkey still had to be used to gain access to the Internet, students were no longer charged for internet usage. Charging of staff usage was temporarily suspended for 2020.

However, the idea of “free” internet was only applicable to internet for students to ensure access to complete their studies effectively.  Payment for Internet for staff still has to paid for by departments. The Finance Committee decided to levy an annual, once-off fee and for 2021 a once-off fee of R674.00 (R57.83 per month) was agreed on.

From this year the annual internet fee will be included in the network registration fee which includes the renewal of usernames. All staff usernames expire at the end of March and staff annually have to reactivated online.

Currently the cost registration of a username on the network is as follows:

Internet fee: R674.00
Network/username fee: R287.00

Total: R961.00

Please take note that the internet fee is only levied on the “primary username”. If you have more than one username linked to your SU number, the internet fee will only be levied once. (For example generic departmental usernames).

For enquiries regarding the reactivation of usernames, please log a request on the ICT Partner Portal or refer to our service catalogue for more information

Enquiries regarding the internet fee can be directed to the Finance Department. 

Reactivate your username before 1 April

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Network access (usernames) for staff will expire at the end of March unless you reactivate your username.

We suggest that you reactivate yours as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted access to IT services (internet, email, SUN-e-HR etc.). Keep in mind that the cost centre manager still has to approve your request before your username is reactivated; allow sufficient time for this to be done to avoid disruption of your service.

You will receive an email from indicating that your username (“engagement”) will expire soon. Three notifications will be sent before the end of March. Alternatively, you can go directly to the reactivation page.

Once logged into the reactivation page, you can select the services you want to reactivate.  You are encouraged to read the ECP (Electronic Communication Policy) before reactivating.

Choose the services (network / email usernames and internet usernames) you want to register for (see images below).


Reactivation of internet usernames is no longer necessary and can be ignored.

Make sure you select the correct cost points and if you’re unsure ask your cost centre manager. Click Accept and Reactivate.

 You will receive a notification stating that your request has been submitted, as well as a confirmation email. 

The webpage will indicate that it will be activated as soon as it has been approved by the cost centre manager. When the cost centre manager approves the reactivation request access will be extended to the end of March next year.

If you have completed these steps successfully and still receive emails from urging you to reactivate, please go back to the reactivation page and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked: Your Network / Email usernames Your Internet usernames

 If you are still not able to reactivate, please raise a request at


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