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Goodbye Inetkey

Until recently staff and students of Stellenbosch University had to use Inetkey to gain access to the internet. This tool acted both as a security gatekeeper and as a billing system for internet usage. 

At the end of 2019 when the Council of Stellenbosch University approved the budget for 2020, it included the introduction to a a new internet model. This decision also kicked off the project to phase out Inetkey.  The Finance Committee decided to levy an annual, once-off fee and for 2021 a once-off fee of R674.00 (R57.83 per month) was agreed on. Subsequently staff’s internet fee will in future be included in the annual username registration fee. 

The discontinuation of Inetkey also included the replacement of an outdated firewall. During the weekend of 19 February the outdated firewall that we have been using for internet access from campus was replaced and subsequently the necessity for Inetkey fell away.  

After the replacement Inetkey is no longer necessary for internet access and from 15 March the application will give an error message if you use it. You can therefore remove and/or uninstall the Inetkey app from all your devices. 

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