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Careful of Reply All

Last month some university staff’s mailboxes were flooded with an email advertising services in what we call an email storm. Apart from being disruptive, these emails weren’t harmful, but we would like to remind you of a five important things to keep in mind before you send email to large groups:

1. ALWAYS use the BCC field, NOT the CC field.
If you use the BCC field instead of the CC field the Reply All option is disabled. Therefore recipients won’t be able to Reply All and cause a flood of inconvenient emails.

2. DO NOT Reply All when you receive an email sent to multiple people.
If you receive an email that has been sent to a large number of people, please by default don’t Reply All. You will only be causing an unnecessary surge of emails and annoy your colleagues. If you need to comment only email the sender or the relevant people.

3. Advertising services or products on the SU network is not allowed.
No staff or student member is allowed to advertise any services on the SU network. This is stipulated in the Electronic Communications Policy which staff and students agree to when reactivating their network access every year.

4. If you need to send official mass communication, consult the Digital Communications Office.
The Digital Communications Office, a division of Corporate Communications, are responsible for campus-wide electronic communication. They use specific platforms to distribute information and will be able to advise you on the most efficient way of sending out your email.

5. Use SYMPA
If you regularly need to send out emails, you can use the SYMPA mailing solution. More information on SYMPA.


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