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SARS phishing e-mail

Take note that a phishing e-mail promising a SARS payback is circulating on campus. Below is an example of the e-mail sent from a legitimate looking e-mail address with a web page attached which the receiver should click on and complete. 

Please do not click on the html file or enter any personal information. SARS would contact you via SMS if (in the unlikely event) they want to pay you money.  

Also look out for the telltale signs of a phishing e-mail below:

  1. Addressed to a generic name – “Dear Taxpayer”. SARS would at least include your full name and tax reference number.
  2. Grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. 
  3. SARS won’t ask you to complete any forms. They already have your information.

Dear Taxpayer,


After calculations of last year annual fiscal activities,we realised that you are eligible to receive a Tax refund of R9,250.75. please download the attached Tax refund form REFUNDSARS.html and complete the process of your Tax refund. Note:the refund will take 48hours to reflect in your account.


Thank you,


South Africa Revenue Services (SARS)

Tom Moyane Commissioner

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