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Microsoft updates via VPN and data costs

Did you know that your university PC always stays up to date with the latest software and you don’t have to lift a finger? 

One of the main reasons for this is that PCs without the latest software, in particular, Microsoft software, pose a high-security threat if they are connected to the SUN network without being adequately protected. Therefore, it’s extremely important that all network users’ devices are up to date at all times. The same goes for antivirus software. Recently this policy also protected SU staff against the WannaCry ransomware when it wreaked havoc around the rest of the world.

The updates are set up so that Microsoft updates will be done when you connect your device to the SUN network. Updates via the SUN network are free when you are on campus, but it could happen that updates are available for download when you are off-campus.

If you use VPN* at home to connect to the SUN network from off campus, be aware that updates may load in the background. Since they are usually quite large, this could cause unusually high traffic and/or large expenses. Microsoft updates are usually released monthly on the every second Tuesday of the month. If you have limited or use expensive data at home, keep an eye on your data usage during that week. 

*VPN (Virtual Private Network) is  a connection to the SUN-network which gives a user the same access as when he/she is on campus.  Take note that most SUN services, for example email, Sun-e-HR,, the Useradm administration page, etc, are all directly available from the internet without a VPN connection. 


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