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Updating your personal information

Due to the implementation of stricter laws regarding the protection of data, Information Technology can no longer change passwords on behalf of staff and students. We therefore recommend that you use the online password self-help function. 

However, to successfully use this function, your cell phone number or external email address has to be recorded on the system. Information Technology cannot update this information since our staff are not authorised to work on the HR databases. If you information is incorrect or incomplete, you can update it by doing the following: 

  1. Staff and students can update information by signing on at and updating the various fields on the first page. 
  2. Staff can contact Human Resources by sending an email to or contact them at 021-8082753.
  3. Students can contact Client Services by emailing or contact them at 021-8089111.

More detailed information on the password self-help function.


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