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Remember to request your Adobe license

To continue using Adobe DC users have to request a license before the end of November. 

Adobe has changed the licensing model for all their products and the new model requires staff to have an Adobe ID to use the software.

Historically, a new serial number would be built into a software installation package which would have been centrally pushed out to all Stellenbosch University asset number machines.
This process would result in uninterrupted use of the software as had been the case for the last 4 years.

The new licensing model is based on named user licenses*. The new version of Adobe DC (Document Cloud), which Stellenbosch University has licensed for 2020 is therefore no longer based on serial numbers.

What are the benefits?

Whilst this is a major change in the way access to the software is managed, the new version and license model comes with a number of advantages including a secure login feature. The new model allows IT to provide end users access to the apps and services they demand for ongoing projects, while establishing the control that IT needs to meet the requirements of the organisation. IT also benefits from a simpler method to maintain compliance as well as management of licenses and services through the Adobe Admin Console.

Who qualifies for a license?

Licenses can only be assigned to a full time university staff member according our license policy. This licensing process is only for advanced users who edit and digitally sign PDF documents.  Users will still be able to make use of Adobe Reader.

To request a renewal of your Adobe license, please log a request on the ICT Partner Portal and a license will be assigned to you.

* Named User Licensing is a software licensing model where software is assigned to an individual instead of a serial number or a device.

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