One-on-one consultation service available for staff

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

The IT Hub, centrally located in the heart of campus, under the bridge connecting Admin A and Admin B, now offers a one-on-one consultation room for staff with a professional technician.

The IT User Consultation room, room 1021, situated inside The IT Hub is private and allows you the time to ask the technician questions while you are being assisted.

The scheduled time slot is 8:00am – 16:30pm, Mondays to Fridays.

When a technician calls you after you have logged a call, you are then welcome to request a meeting in the consultation room. Every call is important to us, however, calls will be prioritized accordingly.

We hope you find this service beneficial.


PHONE: 021 808 9289

IT Infrastructure

Monday, October 16th, 2017

Responsible for provisioning infrastructure and platform required to provide ICT services to the University.  These are mainly back-end services such as virtual computing, storage, back-up, data network, telephony, card systems and security cameras. 

Responsibilities are divided into 3 areas:

ALBERT MEYER | Manager: Network and Telecommunication services
ANDRIES NIEUWOUDT | Manager: Computing and Storage infrastructure
HENDRIK LE ROUX | Manager: TAS | Card and Security Systems


A few steps closer

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Up to now, the IT HUB has mainly been a central point for students to have their tech-related problems sorted out. However, since the main IT building moved further away from campus two years ago, many of our clients felt that the offices are too far away or inaccessible to visit. 

We are happy to announce that all staff can drop off their PCs and devices at the IT HUB.  However, it is important that any request is logged at the IT Service Desk or on ServiceNow first. Due to limited capacity, it’s not possible to immediately assist users without arrangement. After the request has been logged, the technician assigned to your request will contact you and make further arrangements.  

You will find the IT HUB in Admin A, just off the Rooi Plein with the entrance under the pedestrian bridge between Admin A and B. (next to Photographic Services)

If you are unsure which services we provide, please consult our Service Catalogue and if you are brave enough, you can consult our Self-help wiki.


Tel:  021-808 4367
Skype: ITStellenUni
E-mail: (for general enquiries) or (to log an error)
Twitter: @itstellenuni

OneDrive: 5TB just for you

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Since June staff members have full access to the online Office365 applications. Besides Outlook email, SharePoint Online, access to the MS Office apps (for example Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and being able to download Office 2016, there is one significant advantage of using the Office365 suite – OneDrive.

OneDrive provides 5TB of cloud storage space for each staff member and student. This means you now have ample space to store your documents and your data will be available from anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection.

What are the advantages of cloud services? 

  • More storage space available, up to 5TB on OneDrive and 50GB on Outlook.
  • Your data is available from anywhere, anytime, on any device. You’ll always have access to your data if you have an internet connection.
  • Your information is also safely stored, even if you lose one of your devices.  

What are the disadvantages of cloud services?  

  • Familiarise yourself with copyright regulations. Make sure you know what you are allowed to store and share online.  SU copyright agreements do not extend to storing of documents protected under the copyright law on OneDrive for business or any other public store space.
  • You are entirely responsible for your own information. Be careful who you give rights and access to, as it will compromise your information if it’s visible to other people.
  • You are responsible for synchronisation between online and local data. Synchronisation between online and local information needs to be set up correctly and done on a regular basis.
  • Keep in mind that access to cloud services when on campus will not incur any costs, but if you work from home your own data will be utilised.
  • It is very important that you keep your private usernames, passwords and information separate from your official work, to prevent your data from getting mixed up.
  • Having access to the cloud from any computer makes your digital identification vulnerable, do not use computers you do not trust to access your cloud services.

What if I have been using OneDrive personal, Dropbox and other cloud storage options? 

You can keep on using them, but it is very important that you only use these storage options for your personal data.

OneDrive for business and SharePoint online are available under the US MS Licence agreement for storage and sharing of institutional data. The storage and sharing of institutional data are not allowed on Dropbox, OneDrive personal or any other cloud storage. 

How do I get access to my OneDrive storage space?

All staff automatically has access to OneDrive. Log on to Office365 with your email address and password. OneDrive is also accessible via the portal by clicking on the Office365 link or searching for Office365 in the search field.


  • When using cloud-based services, you have to keep your private and work usernames, passwords and data separate. Never use the same username for private and work email accounts, storage spaces and applications.
  • SU copyright agreements do not extend to storing and sharing of documents protected under the copyright law on OneDrive for business, SharePoint online or any other public store spaces.



If you have any questions, please let us know by logging a request on ServiceNow or calling our Service Desk at 808 4367. For more information on the Office365 package, please consult our FAQs or have a look at the Office365 training videos.

Microsoft updates via VPN and data costs

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Did you know that your university PC always stays up to date with the latest software and you don’t have to lift a finger? 

One of the main reasons for this is that PCs without the latest software, in particular, Microsoft software, pose a high-security threat if they are connected to the SUN network without being adequately protected. Therefore, it’s extremely important that all network users’ devices are up to date at all times. The same goes for antivirus software. Recently this policy also protected SU staff against the WannaCry ransomware when it wreaked havoc around the rest of the world.

The updates are set up so that Microsoft updates will be done when you connect your device to the SUN network. Updates via the SUN network are free when you are on campus, but it could happen that updates are available for download when you are off-campus.

If you use VPN* at home to connect to the SUN network from off campus, be aware that updates may load in the background. Since they are usually quite large, this could cause unusually high traffic and/or large expenses. Microsoft updates are usually released monthly on the every second Tuesday of the month. If you have limited or use expensive data at home, keep an eye on your data usage during that week. 

*VPN (Virtual Private Network) is  a connection to the SUN-network which gives a user the same access as when he/she is on campus.  Take note that most SUN services, for example email, Sun-e-HR,, the Useradm administration page, etc, are all directly available from the internet without a VPN connection. 


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