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IT HUB: only for students by appointment

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

All services offered by the IT HUB in the Admin A building – collection of equipment and any type of technical support – are available by prior arrangement only.

Additionally, during the peak period from March to May no staff support will be done at the IT HUB. If staff need technical support, they need to log a request on the ICT Partner Portal after which they will be contacted by a technician for further arrangements.

Students should make appointments by logging a call at the online service desk in advance. Appointments and rrequests can no longer be logged at the entrance to the IT HUB.

You can also call the IT HUB at 021 8089289, but preferably log a request on the ICT Partner Portal. This can be done as follows:

  1. Log an issue report on the ICT Partner Portal at
  2. Sign on with your SU username and password.
  3. Select the “ICT Partner Portal” service desk.
  4. Students select the IT HUB option. Staff select the  option depending on the type of issue.
  5.  Fill in the necessary information – if there is an asset number, please include it.
  6.  Add any additional information in the description field.
  7.  Copy any related images, files and emails to the attachment area.
  8.  A staff member will make contact once the report has been logged and schedule an appointment.

Students and staff members who have lost their student/staff cards are the only unscheduled visitors allowed at the IT HUB, and only between 11:00 and 14:00 daily.


Goodbye Inetkey

Monday, March 1st, 2021

Until recently staff and students of Stellenbosch University had to use Inetkey to gain access to the internet. This tool acted both as a security gatekeeper and as a billing system for internet usage. 

At the end of 2019 when the Council of Stellenbosch University approved the budget for 2020, it included the introduction to a a new internet model. This decision also kicked off the project to phase out Inetkey.  The Finance Committee decided to levy an annual, once-off fee and for 2021 a once-off fee of R674.00 (R57.83 per month) was agreed on. Subsequently staff’s internet fee will in future be included in the annual username registration fee. 

The discontinuation of Inetkey also included the replacement of an outdated firewall. During the weekend of 19 February the outdated firewall that we have been using for internet access from campus was replaced and subsequently the necessity for Inetkey fell away.  

After the replacement Inetkey is no longer necessary for internet access and from 15 March the application will give an error message if you use it. You can therefore remove and/or uninstall the Inetkey app from all your devices. 

Electronics supply shortage

Friday, February 26th, 2021

If you have been waiting for a laptop or other hardware you ordered last year you would undoubtedly noticed that delivery is taking longer than usual. This inconvenience is caused by a worldwide supply shortage of electronics. Even the Administration of President Joe Biden had to acknowledge that their plans to recover the American economy from the corona virus pandemic by alleviating any shortfalls in electronics such as computer chips are likely to be limited.

The two companies that the university appointed as suppliers for laptops and desktops, Dell and Lenovo also notified us of the supply shortage. Lenovo has been informed by their manufacturing plants that there are continuing supply shortages in the global market. This has been the case for much of 2020 but has been exacerbated by the COVID19 worldwide pandemic.

Dell, along with other IT manufacturers and OEM providers are experiencing some severe component shortage on their notebook range, these components include LCD screens, as well as CPUs resulting in extended lead times up. This was brought about by a number of factors including increased demand due to increased number of people working remotely, as well as supply constraints at various factories.

A more detailed explanation is further explained here.

We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately we are dealing with unusual circumstances beyond our control, but please know that we are trying our best to ensure your orders reach you as soon as possible. 



Reactivate your username before 1 April

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Network access (usernames) for staff will expire at the end of March unless you reactivate your username.

We suggest that you reactivate yours as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted access to IT services (internet, email, SUN-e-HR etc.). Keep in mind that the cost centre manager still has to approve your request before your username is reactivated; allow sufficient time for this to be done to avoid disruption of your service.

You will receive an email from indicating that your username (“engagement”) will expire soon. Three notifications will be sent before the end of March. Alternatively, you can go directly to the reactivation page.

Once logged into the reactivation page, you can select the services you want to reactivate.  You are encouraged to read the ECP (Electronic Communication Policy) before reactivating.

Choose the services (network / email usernames and internet usernames) you want to register for (see images below).


Reactivation of internet usernames is no longer necessary and can be ignored.

Make sure you select the correct cost points and if you’re unsure ask your cost centre manager. Click Accept and Reactivate.

 You will receive a notification stating that your request has been submitted, as well as a confirmation email. 

The webpage will indicate that it will be activated as soon as it has been approved by the cost centre manager. When the cost centre manager approves the reactivation request access will be extended to the end of March next year.

If you have completed these steps successfully and still receive emails from urging you to reactivate, please go back to the reactivation page and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked: Your Network / Email usernames Your Internet usernames

 If you are still not able to reactivate, please raise a request at

Maintenance weekend: 19 February

Monday, February 1st, 2021

 Information Technology will be conducting maintenance on various components of the IT infrastructure over the weekend of 19 February and some downtime can be expected. 

Quarterly, scheduled maintenance will be taking place from Friday, 19 February at 17:00 to Monday, 22 February at 08:00. Various IT services and systems are affected by this and can become unavailable, partly or entirely.

During the maintenance weekend the current outdated firewall which provided access to off-campus internet will be upgraded to new technology. This will result in estimated internet downtime from Saturday, 20 February at 10:00 to Sunday, 21 Feb 2021 at 12:00. 

Due to the extent of this maintenance and the necessity for thorough testing of systems and services the possibility exists that some interruptions might occur into Monday.

Please rest assured that we will try our best to limit interruptions to a minimum. For inquiries please log a request on the ICT Partner Portal.


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