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#SmartResearcher and #SmartStudent training for the 1st Semester

The Library’s #Smart training series continues this semester in online format for both #SmartStudent and #SmartResearcher training. The #SmartResearcher series will again focus on the research process and is aimed at both new and experienced researchers who want to refresh their memory.

Please note that you will be emailed a link to the webinar upon registration.

In the below link, click on the date(s) of the trainings you are interested in to find out more and to register.

Smart Training Schedule

Developing your digital researcher profile

This video might be helpful in developing your digital research profile. It’s been published by the Open Science MOOC.

Think of this as a way of creating an online CV for showcasing your research. It teaches four tools:

1. ORCID – A persistent identifier for you and your research.

2. ImpactStory – A place to document how your research has been shared and re-used online.

3. Publons – A place to document your peer review activities.

4. Open Science Framework – A place to openly collaborate on your research.

The Library can also assist with this and a few other tools to develop your digital online presence. Attend the workshop Increase your online research visibility on 8 May to find out more or contact the librarians at the Research Commons.

Library Research Week 2018

The Library and Information Service will be presenting its 6th Library Research Week from 30 July to 3 August 2018. This year the theme is Research in Action. Emerging Stellenbosch University researchers and students will be equipped with practical knowledge of research essentials such as their literature search strategy, writing a research proposal, copyright issues and managing research data.

The following themes will feature on the separate days:

  • Research essentials
  • Historical research
  • Research data
  • Writing
  • Wellness support

For the first time, Tygerberg Campus will have their own version of Research Week in the brand new Medicine and Health Sciences Library.

Please click here for more information and to register for the different sessions.

New Research Workshops coming up in 2018

A wide range of workshops on research related topics will be presented by the Library and Information Service during 2018.

Three new workshops have been developed.  The first new workshop, Maximising your research impact, will give an introduction to research impact and how to improve your impact as a researcher. The following topics will be included in three short sessions:

  1. Where to publish (Choosing a journal/predatory journals/journal metrics)
  2. Increase the visibility of your research  (Open Access/ORCID /author profile systems /Social Media)
  3. Track citation metrics for your articles (How to increase citations by making your research more visible / The different citation metrics and where to find it)

All three these topics will also be addressed in more detailed workshops throughout the year.

The second new workshop is Introduction to Research Data Managementwhich is designed to assist you with general background on how to manage your research data, including an overview of the Research Data Management (RDM) lifecycle. It will also give you an introduction to Data Management Planning and some advice on where to deposit your data.

Enhancing the visibility of your research output through self-archiving is a brand new workshop on the Stellenbosch University’s institutional policy on the self-archiving of research output, which asks researchers to deposit copies of their research output in SUNScholar, the institutional repository. This can greatly increase the visibility of your research output and therefore also increase the impact of your research.

Other workshops are presented on topics such as reference managers (Mendeley); how to do your literature search; formatting of your thesis with MS Word; how to track and enhance your citations (and impact); how to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy information; where and how to publish your research; unique author identification with ORCID; how to increase the visibility of your research; useful tools and applications for research; how to find government statistics; how to submit your thesis/dissertation to SUNScholar and the benefits of Open Access publishing.

Please see the full programme here and use the training calendar to book your place!