The Department of Biomedical Sciences Job-Shadow Program provides high school learners an opportunity to walk a mile in a scientists shoes and gain unique insight into what a career in research entails. The Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics (MBHG), together with the Divisions of Immunology, Clinical Anatomy and Medical Physiology within the Department of Biomedical Sciences, host this programme bi-annually (during the second and third semester school holidays) and can accommodate a total of 20 learners per intake.

2024 Job Shadow Program Dates:

    • Generation Science (GenS): June, 17th-21st – hosted in collaboration with the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)
    • Biomedical Sciences (BioSci): September, 23rd-27th

If you would like to get a more details account of this amazing program, please see our blog post about the official launch of the Job-Shadow Program that took place in June 2019 titled “A day in the life of a scientist” . Since it’s inception, the Job Shadow Program has evolved from a two-day program hosted solely within the MBHG Division to a five-day departmental wide program informed from feedback by past attendees. This new and improved program features more hands-on activities in various laboratory settings to give attendees a holistic view of the various options available within Biomedical research.

Learners interested in applying for this program must complete the online application form during the application cycles, which are announced across all social media channels once open. Please be aware that space for the program is limited, and preference will be given to students from institutions serving historically disadvantaged communities and who demonstrated alignment with the nature of our programme and its core objectives, namely those whose motivations demonstrated a keen interest in health research and careers in science specifically.

Please be informed that this initiative is exclusive to secondary school learners. Undergraduates wishing to visit our facility can attend the yearly Departmental Open Day. Details pertaining to this will be shared on our social media accounts to be sure to follow us