Venues and facilities

The main venue for the conference is at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (E+E Eng), Stellenbosch University, South Africa (map available here). Access to E+E Eng is via the Northern entrance (next to the parking lot).

  • Welcome reception and registration: Katjiepiering restaurant, Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden.  (The Botanical Garden is within 10 minutes walk from the conference venue and most guest houses – map available here).  Please use the  gate to the ”ou konservatorium” in van Riebeeck Street.
  • Lunches and coffee/tea breaks: 2nd floor reception area of E+E Eng.
  • Presentation venues: E202 (2nd floor) and E352 (3rd floor) at E+E Eng.
  • Gala dinner: Bodega Restaurant at Dornier (map available here).
  • Workshops: workshop attendees should meet at the specified time and venue as indicated on the Programme Overview.  Workshops take place at either one of the presentation venues, or S203 in the Department of Civil Engineering (which is adjacent to E+E Eng).  Workshop venues will be clearly indicated.

A map with all the venues indicated is available here.

Notes on other facilities

  • There will be WiFi available to conference attendees at the presentation venues.  Eduroam WiFi is also available at Stellenbosch.
WiFi login details:
  • SSID: Computer_and_Control_Systems
  • Key: Conf3r3nc32016!
  • Parking for the conference venue is available on the northern side of the E+E Eng.  Please use Bosman Street to gain access to the parking lot.