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Systemic Education & Extramural Development & Support

Ten organisations are working in close collaboration to develop and support education in the Western Cape and in other provinces. This initiative focuses on 4 key areas namely:

• mathematics and science,
• HIV/AIDS peer education,
• multi-grade education in rural areas, and
• schools as hubs of life-long learning.

The interventions range from pre-primary support to postgraduate studies, with a multitude of interventions in-between. The ten organisations involved are responsible for over thirty projects within the SEEDS programme.

The initiative started in 2009, is funded in its entirety by the Dutch government for a 4-year period and is managed from Stellenbosch University. A steering committee that includes members of all partner organisations provides strategic direction.

Learners and teachers in the Western Cape have been given a huge opportunity to benefit from the wide array of education programmes offered by the consortium members. Mike Erskine, the programme manager commented. “Teachers are upgrading their skills and qualifications, learners’ lives are being improved through relevant and exciting programmes and schools receive additional resources. These are the short-term benefits. We also have a responsibility to ensure that what we do will lead to longer term benefits to the education system as a whole.”

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