Per Linguam has just published its latest issue

Per Linguam has just published its latest issue at We invite you to review the Table of
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Prof Christa van der Walt & Dr Nanda Klapwijk

Per Linguam
Vol 32, No 3 (2016)
Table of Contents


Designing linguistically flexible scaffolding for subject-specific academic
literacy interventions (1-12)
Adelia Carstens
Discourse-shifting practices of a teacher and learning facilitator in a
bilingual mathematics classroom (13-27)
Robyn Tyler
A journey towards self-directed writing: a longitudinal study of
undergraduate language students’ writing (28-47)
Jako Olivier
From autopsy to autonomy in writing centres: Postgraduate students’ response
to two forms of feedback in a health professions education module (48-59)
Sharifa Daniels,        Rose Richards
The politics of mother tongue education: The case of Uganda (60-78)
Medadi Erisa Ssentanda, Kate Huddlestone,       Frenette Southwood
Literacy for All?  Using multilingual reading stories for literacy
development in a Grade One classroom in the Western Cape (79-94)
Ancyfrida Prosper,      Vuyokazi Nomlomo

Editor: Per Linguam

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