Submission to SUNScholar

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 Submission to SUNScholar

SUNScholar is now open to receive new nominations for the March 2017 graduation period. Guidelines for submission into SUNScholar is available at Library Help-page and General Yearbook 2017 for policy guidelines. To summarise the process:


  1. The final document has to be submitted in pdf format. This is the copy following examination, and after all corrections have been made.
  2. The supervisor/promoter/admin staff member nominates the candidate via the staff portal.
  3. The thesis/dissertation is uploaded at:
  4. The supervisor/promoter/admin staff member approves the submission via the staff portal.
  5. The thesis/dissertation will be publicly accessible via the Internet following graduation.


The final date for the submission of theses/dissertations for the March 2017 graduation is 22 February 2017.

Publishing books/chapters in books and copyright

All inquiries related to copyright and the publication of books/chapters in books as a result of a thesis/dissertation can be directed to InnovUS.

Frequently asked questions regarding theses/dissertations

Signature on declaration page: Please note that the signature is no longer required, and that the student can simply type his/her name below the declaration. The reason for this is that the whole process is recorded electronically, as proof that all parties adhere to the policy etc.

Crest: If there are students struggling with adding the crest, please submit without the crest, and we will make sure that the crest is added in the end.


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