Cambridge University celebrating OA week 2017 announced the full text Open Access to Prof Steven Hawking’s PhD.

The Office of Scholarly Communication is delighted to announce that Professor Stephen Hawking has given the University permission to make his thesis freely available and Open Access in Apollo. By making his PhD thesis open anyone in the world can now freely, and without any barriers, download and read this important piece of research by the world’s most recognizable scientist.

Professor Stephen Hawking’s 1966 doctoral thesis “Properties of expanding universes” ( is the most requested item in the University of Cambridge’s Open Access repository, Apollo. The Apollo record for Prof. Hawking’s thesis is regularly viewed over 300 times per month, and since May 2017 the University has received over 200 requests from interested readers who want to download Prof. Hawking’s thesis. You can also view this seminal work on the University of Cambridge Digital Library:

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