Predatory journals – important notification

The Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) recently highlighted the issue of predatory journals with regards to the recognition of research articles in accredited journals.

The DHET has now taken matters a step further and identified a list of predatory and possibly predatory journals.

Herewith the list of journals in both categories that will no longer be regarded as accredited:

List of predatory journals

Banks and Bank Systems 1816-7403 1991-7074
International journal of educational sciences 0975-1122 2456-6322
Journal of communication [Delhi] 0976-691X 2456-6586
Journal of economics [Delhi] 0976-5239 2456-6594
Journal of human ecology 0970-9274 2456-6608
Journal of psychology [Delhi] 0976-4224 2456-6292
Journal of social sciences 0971-8923 2456-6756
Journal of social sciences 1812-0687
Journal of sociology and social anthropology 0976-6634 2456-6764
Problems and Perspectives in Management 1727-7051 1810-5467
Studies of tribes and tribals 0972-639X 2456-6799
Studies on Ethno-Medicine 0973-5070 2456-6772


List of possible predatory journals

Africa Education Review 1814-6627 1753-5921
African studies quarterly: the online journal of African studies 2152-2448
Anthropology Southern Africa 2332-3256 2332-3264
Bulletin of comparative labour relations 0770-3724
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology 1699-5880 16962095
Global Health Action 1654-9716 1654-9880
International Journal of Primatology 0164-0291 1573-8604
Journal of agribusiness and rural development 1899-5241 1899-5772
Journal of Asian and African Studies 0021-9096 1745-2538
Journal of global business and technology 1553-5495
Journal of media law 1757-7632 1757-7640


Contact Daléne Pieterse (  of the Division for Research Development if you have any questions in this regard.



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