Selected URDR Research outputs
    The URDR builds theory from below in collaboration with its diverse clients offering an evidence base for existing work and contributing to new knowledge to inform improved practice. It acts as a bridge between academic and practitioner worlds to identify synergies and connections that construct evidence-based knowledge platforms from specific communities of practice. Below are some selected research outputs from the URDR. This is not a comprehensive list.

    Religion and the secular both need contemporary hermeneutical review…it is important that from within their own traditions, people work on the relationship between religion, the secular and human rights to see what might be possible to affirm in common (Weller 2007).

    Key Academic Publications
  • Palm, S. & Le Roux, E. 2018. Households of Freedom? Faith’s Role in Challenging Gendered Geographies of Violence in Our Cities. In De Beer, S (ed.). Just Faith: Glocal Responses to Planetary Urbanisation (HTS Religion & Society Series Volume 3), pp. 135-164, AOSIS, Cape Town.
  • Bartelink, B.E. & Le Roux, E. 2018. Navigating state, religion and gender: A case study of ABAAD’s gender activism in Lebanon. Politeia 37(2),
  • Le Roux, E., Hankela, E. & McDonald, Z., 2018, ‘Social justice required: Youth at the margins, churches and social cohesion in South Africa’, HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies 74(3), .
  • Currier, J.M., Rojas-Flores, L., McCormick, W.H., Koo, J.H., Cadavid, L., Pineda, F.A., Le Roux, E., & Givens, T. 2018. Spiritual struggles and ministry-related quality of life among faith leaders in Colombia. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
  • Le Roux, E. 2018. What is campus rape culture? IFES Word & World, Issue 5.
  • Le Roux. E. 2018. Editor’s note. IFES Word & World, Issue 5: Violence against women in the university.
  • Palm, S. 2018. "Religion, Gender Norms and Campus Rape Culture: Building Resistance from Below".Politeia 37 (2), Vol 4, No 1, 321–346. Link to the abstract
  • Palm, S. 2018. "Always Reforming? Nurturing a Church for Human Rights in South Africa".Stellenbosch Theological Journal, Vol 4, No 1, 321–346. Link to the article
  • Le Roux, E. 2017. Faith-based HIV response in post-soviet Eastern Europe: the case of Channels of Hope in Russia, Romania and Armenia. Development in Practice, August 2017. Link to the article
  • Le Roux, E. & Loots, L. 2017. The unhealthy divide: how secular-faith binary potentially limits GBV prevention and response. Development in Practice, August 2017. Link to the article
  • Le Roux, E. & Sandoua, Y. 2017. Leadership responses during armed conflict. In Priest R. (ed.) Patterns in African Christian Leadership: Insights from 8000 Africans.
  • Palm, S. 2016. “Re imagining the human? Disrupting injustice? Towards a liberating hermeneutic for human rights in South Africa today.” Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa.
  • Le Roux, E. & Bowers-Du Toit, N. 2017. "Men and women in partnership: mobilising faith communities to address gender-based violence." Diakonia, 1/2017.
  • Le Roux, E. Kramm, N., Scott, N., Sandilands, M., Loots, L., Olivier, J., Arango, D.J., & O’Sullivan, V. 2016. "Getting dirty: Working with faith leaders to prevent and respond to gender based violence." The Review of Faith & International Affairs, 14(3): 22-35. Link to the article
  • Le Roux, E. 2015. “Telling stories”: talking about VAW within the church and seminary.  In Mouton, E., Kapuma, G., Hansen, L., & Togom, T. (ed.s).  Living with Dignity: African Perspectives on Gender Equality.  Stellenbosch: SUNPRESS. Link to the chapter
  • Palm, S. 2014. ”Liberating Human Rights? Insights from Abdullahi An-Na’im for present day South Africa.” Acta Academia 46(4):93-116. Link to the article
  • Le Roux, E. 2012. Why sexual violence? The social reality of an absent church. In Hendriks, H.J., Mouton, E., Hansen, L., & Le Roux, E. (ed.s) Men in the pulpit, women in the pews? Addressing gender inequality in Africa.  Stellenbosch: SUNPRESS. Link to the chapter
  • Le Roux, E. 2010. Pornography: Human right or human rights violation?  HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 66(2), Art. #847, 8 pages. DOI: 10.4102/hts.v66i2.847. Link to the article
  • Erasmus, J.C. & Le Roux, E. 2010. Exploring anomalies in the values and sexual behavior of Anglican youth.  Commonwealth Youth and Development, 8(2). Link to the article
  • Swart, I. 2006. The churches and the development debate: Perspectives on a fourth generation approach. Stellenbosch: Sun Press Link to Google Books
  • Erasmus, J.C., Hendriks, H.J. & Mans, G.G. 2006. Religious research as kingpin in the fight against poverty and AIDS in the Western Cape, South Africa. HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies. 62(1). Link to the article
  • Swart, I. 2005. Mobilising Faith-based Organisations for social development through a participatory action research (par) process. Social Work/Maatskaplike Werk 2005:41(4). Link to the article
  • Erasmus, J.C. & Mans, G.G. 2005. Churches as service providers for victims of sexual and/or violent crimes. A case study from the Paarl community. Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology. 18(1). Link to the article
  • Hendriks, H.J., Erasmus, J.C. & Mans, G.G. 2004. Congregations as providers of social service and HIV/AIDS care. NGTT | Nederduitse Gereformeerde Teologiese Tydskrif. 45(1) Link to article
  • Smith, J. South African interfaith solidarity: a model for social transformation. Link to the article

Key Technical Reports
  • Le Roux, E. & Palm, S. 2017. What lies beneath? Tackling the roots of religious resistance to ending child marriage. Research report. GirlsNotBrides. Link to the report
  • Le Roux, E. & Bartelink, B.E. & Palm, S. 2017. What is the harm in ‘harmful traditional practices? Policy Brief. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities. Link to the policy brief
  • Palm, S., Le Roux, E., & Bartelink, B.E. 2017. Amplifying Development Partnering with Faith. Policy Brief. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities. Link to the policy brief
  • Bartelink, B.E., Le Roux, E. & Palm, S. 2017. Sleeping Giants: Mobilising Faith Leaders as Agents of Change. Policy Brief. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities." target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> Link to the policy brief
  • Le Roux, E. & Bartelink, B.E. 2017. No more 'harmful traditional practices': working effectively with faith leaders. Research report. Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities. Link to the report
  • Le Roux, E and Palm, S. 2017. Tearfund UK Internal report: Analysis of Faith Leader Community Members and Gender Champion Panel Visit 3 in Rethi, Congo.
  • Le Roux, E. & Kramm, N. 2016. Christian identity within World Vision programmes: a multi-case case study of Area Development Programmes in three different religious contexts.
  • Le Roux, E. 2015. Research report for UK DFID. A scoping study on the role of faith communities and organisations in prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence: Implications for policy and practice Link to the report
  • Le Roux, E. & Olivier, J. 2015. Research report for World Vision International. Interim research activity report: Faith and Gender in Development Project - Building an Evidence base for the effective scale-up of Channels of Hope for Gender.
  • Le Roux, E. 2013. Research report for Tearfund. Sexual violence in South Africa and the role of the churchTF Report_SV in SA&role of church_Aug2013_pict">Link to the report
  • Le Roux, E. 2013.  Research report for Tearfund.  A view on the current situation regarding sexual violence in Burundi: The role for the church and possible avenues for intervention.  London: Tearfund UK. Link to the report
  • Erasmus, J.C. & Le Roux, E. 2008. Report for Anglican AIDS and Healthcare Trust: Baseline study about sexuality and Aids among 10 to 24-year-old members in the 19 selected dioceses.
  • Transformation Project demographic and community needs analysis project, click below:

    Key Conference Presentations
    • Le Roux, E. 2017. "Religion, Gender and GBV: Recommendations for a Strategic Research Agenda." Presentation at UNCSW Session Unlocking the Power of Faith-based Partnerships- Enabling the Right to Social Protection.
    • Palm, S.  2017. "Re-imagining sin: Engaging intersectional oppressions? Embodied Experiences from a South African church youth group." Conference paper at launch of the Gender Unit, Beyers Naude Centre for Public Theology.
    • Le Roux, E. & Loots, L. 2016. "Faith and gender justice: how the secular/ faith divide is limiting GBV prevention and response." Conference paper at the Global Network for Public Theology Conference.
    • Le Roux, E. & Kramm, N. 2016. "Faith based organisations and the challenge of defining organisational religious identity." Paper at the Sociological Association of South Africa annual Conference.
    • Palm, S. 2016. "An Embodied Public Theological Praxis? Building a human rights culture in South Africa today". Conference paper at the Global Network for Public Theology conference.
    • Palm, S. “Relinquishing the Imperial Impulse? Reclaiming the rights of the poor. Lessons from South Africa.” Paper presented at International Conference & Consultation on Global Poverty, 25-27th October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Le Roux, E. 2015." Taking a look at the evidence: the role of faith communities in prevention and response to SGBV." Presentation at the World Bank Religion and Sustainable Development Conference. 7-9 July 2015. Link to video
    • Le Roux, E.2014. Exploring statistics: Intersectionality and violence against women with disabilities.  EDAN Women’s Conference.  Johannesburg.
    • Le Roux, E.  2011.  The church and peace processes:  A case study of Jos. ISTR African Civil Society Research Network Conference.  Stellenbosch University.

    Key Media Publications
    • Le Roux, 2018. Podcast interviewing Dr Le Roux, "Theology Matters - Religion and Violence"
    • Palm, S. 2018. Church outrage against smacking aids violence against South Africa’s children. Press article in The Conversation. Link to the article
    • Le Roux, E. 2017. Why home, even when there’s war, is the most dangerous place for women. Press article in The Conversation. Link to the article
    • Le Roux, E. 2016. How universities can begin to tackle rape culture on their campuses. Press article in The Conversation. Link to the article
    • Le Roux, E. 2015. South Africa’s rising rates of violence against women demand a unified approach. Press article in The ConversationLink to the article
    • Le Roux, E. 2015. Church guilt in sexual violence against women. Press article in Cape Times. 2015, 16 April. Link to the article
    • Le Roux, E. 2016. Television Interview: ENCA. Rhodes reference list sparks national debate on rape culture. Link to the video
    • Palm, S. 2016. Audio: Faith and Human Rights: Reimagining Power. Church Sermon at Rondebosch United Church, Cape Town. 2016, 22 May. Link to audio

    Key Courses

    University course modules designed, developed and delivered by the URDR team include:

    • Introduction to community development
    • Diakonia
    • Mission and justice
    • Sociology of development
    • HIV management
    • Research methodologies
    • Religion and culture
    • Sexual violence
    • Human identity, gender and christology
    • Church, power and spirit