Selected URDR Research outputs
    • The URDR builds collaborative theory from below to offer an evidence base for existing work. It acts as a bridge between academics and practitioners to identify synergies and innovations from communities of practice. Below are some selected research outputs from the URDR. This is not a comprehensive list.

"Religion and the secular both need contemporary hermeneutical review…it is important that from within their own traditions, people work on the relationship between religion, the secular and human rights to see what might be possible to affirm in common." -  Paul Weller

Key Academic Publications

Palm, S. 2021. Webs of Harm: Online Child Sexual Abuse and Theologies of the Digital, Cursor_ Zeitschrift für explorative Theologie, April 2021.
Palm, S. 2021. “One Body, Many Voices: Theological perspectives on inclusion and diversity from the global South” in N, Kurlberg and M, Daenhardt (eds). Theologies and Practices of Inclusion. London, SCM Press.
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Palm, S. 2021. “Stories of Hope? Sustaining Hope in COVID-19 Times of Despair and Anxiety.” In A Time like No Other: Covid-19 in women’s voices. (eds) N. Hadebe, D Gennrich, S. Rakoczy & N. Tom.
Le Roux, E. 2021. “Jesus is a survivor: sexual violence and stigma within faith communities.” In When did we see you naked? Jesus as a victim of sexual abuse. (eds) J.R. Reaves, D. Tombs & R. Figueroa. UK: SCM Press.
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Palm, S. 2019. “A Time to Confess? An ecclesiology of vulnerability in the light of #metoo” Luce Verbi 53, 4. 1-8
Le Roux, E. & Cadavid Valencia, L. 2019. "There’s no-one you can trust to talk to here": Churches and internally displaced survivors of sexual violence in Medellín, Colombia. HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies ,75(4): a5491.
Palm, S. 2019. “A long walk to reproductive freedom: Re-conceiving theologies of abortion in South Africa” in Classens, J and Kotze, M (eds). Reconceiving Reproductive Health: Theological and Ethical Reflections. South Africa: AOSIS Online.
Le Roux, E. 2019. Can religious women choose? Holding the tension between complicity and agency". African Journal of Gender and Religion, 25(1): 1-19.
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Le Roux, E. 2019. "Conflict in conflict: Mobilising against violence against women and girls in local faith communities in areas affected by armed conflict". In Claassens, L.J, Van der Walt, C. & Olojede, F. (ed.s). Teaching for change: Essays on Pedagogy, Gender and Theology in Africa. Stellenbosch: SUNMedia.
Palm, S. & Le Roux, E. 2018. Households of Freedom? Faith’s Role in Challenging Gendered Geographies of Violence in Our Cities. In De Beer, S (ed.). Just Faith: Glocal Responses to Planetary Urbanisation (HTS Religion & Society Series Volume 3), pp. 135-164, AOSIS, Cape Town.
Le Roux, E., Hankela, E. & McDonald, Z., 2018, ‘Social justice required: Youth at the margins, churches and social cohesion in South Africa’, HTS Teologiese Studies/ Theological Studies 74(3).
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Le Roux, E. 2017. "Faith-based HIV response in post-soviet Eastern Europe: the case of Channels of Hope in Russia, Romania and Armenia". Development in Practice, August 2017.
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Le Roux, E. 2015. “Telling stories”: talking about VAW within the church and seminary.  In Mouton, E., Kapuma, G., Hansen, L., & Togom, T. (ed.s).  Living with Dignity: African Perspectives on Gender Equality.  Stellenbosch: SUNPRESS.
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Swart, I. 2006. The churches and the development debate: Perspectives on a fourth generation approach. Stellenbosch: Sun Press.

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