Advisory Committee

Bioethics Leadership Program: ​PhD Induction Module

Advisory Committee

Stuart Rennie

Assoc Prof Stuart Rennie

Professor in Social Medicine at the University of NC

Stuart Rennie is Research Assistant Professor in Social Medicine and co-Chair of UNC-Chapel Hill Institutional Review Board for social and behavioural research. His background is in philosophy and medical anthropology, and his doctoral dissertation concentrated on the impact luck and chance can have on attributions of moral responsibility.

Nelson Daniel

Prof Daniel Nelson​

Professor in the Department of Social Medicine

Prof Daniel Nelson MSc, MD is a Professor in the Department of Social Medicine and former Director of the Office of Human Research Ethics at UNC. He is currently the Director of Human Research Protocol Office at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He served as the past president of the Applied Research Ethics National Association (ARENA). He has also served previously as faculty on the ARESA program.


Prof Gail Henderson​​

Professor of Social Medicine in the School of Medicine

Gail Henderson, PhD is a professor of Social Medicine in the School of Medicine and adjunct professor of Sociology at the UNC-Chapel Hill. She was Chair of Social Medicine from 2009 to 2015. Dr. Henderson is a medical sociologist with training in public health and has extensive experience with interdisciplinary research and analysis. She is also a member of the Ethics Core of the UNC Transnational and Clinical Sciences Institute. Her teaching and research interests include global health, inequality and research ethics

Prof Neil Myburgh

Prof Neil Myburgh​

Deputy Dean Post-Graduate and Research Affairs at UWC

Prof. Neil Myburgh MChD, BDS, PhD is Deputy Dean Post-Graduate and Research Affairs at the University of the Western Cape. He is Chair of the Dental Faculty Research Committee and oversees all Faculty protocol presentations. He is a member of the UWC Senate Research Committee and an IRENSA graduate. From 2011 to 2015 he served on the ARESA Advisory Committee.


Dr Jyothi Chabilall​​

Head of the Doctoral Office at the FMHS​

Dr Jyothi Chabilall BA, HEd, Bed, MEd, PhD is Head of the Doctoral Office at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University. She has 10 years of experience in mentoring Doctoral and Masters students. For the past 6 years she has organized a 2 week program for prospective doctoral candidates to prepare them for their doctoral studies. In her new role in the doctoral office she will assist trainees with registration, protocol development and approval and research ethics approval. She will also provide support to them for the full duration of the program.