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Short-Video Competition: “Chinese Style!

A Celebration of Chinese Culture.”

This competition is organized by the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU). The aim is to give students an opportunity to make a two to five-minute video to express their ideas, inspirations, and creativity in relation to Chinese culture.
The theme of this competition is quite broad, so as to give contestants the space to be creative! Topics, for example, may include arts and crafts (such as traditional paper-cutting), clay animation, martial art (e.g. Lion Dance, Taichi), traditional dance, folk songs, theatre/ drama, opera, folk songs, architecture, natural landscapes, art, lion dance, etc.
Any person of South African nationality and age may take part. If the contestant is under 18 years of age, they need to get the written consent of an adult or guardian.
Prize 1: 1 contestant
Prize 2: 3 contestants
Prize 3: 5 contestants
Prize for excellence: 20 contestants
  1. The works should reflect real people and events and be positive in nature (no pornography, violence, religious and racial discrimination).
  2. Videos should be in horizontal format.
  3. The video format should be high-definition MP4; the aspect ratio should be 16:9 or 9:16; the file size should not exceed 500MB; the video should be clean without corner labels, watermarks, or logos.
5. Video works should be accompanied by subtitles in Chinese or English. Works with bilingual subtitles will be given preference. Videos should be submitted together with a description of the work in Chinese or English.
Students will be required to upload their videos to YouTube and share the links with us on
Please note that YouTube gives you the option to select your privacy settings. You may select:
1. Public (anybody can view)
2. Unlisted (only a person with the link may view)
3. Private (only owner of YouTube account may view)
Launch of Competition: 30 June 2022
Submission period begins: 30 July 2022
Submission period ends (deadline): 30 September 2022 (24h00)
Awards Ceremony: End of October
1. The submitted works must be created by the contestants, but CISU has full copyright.
2. If any dispute arises with regard to copyright, trademark right, reputation right, and any other legal rights and interests related to the work, the consequences and losses shall be borne by contestants (organizations) submitting the entry.
3. The right of dissemination, exhibition, and publication of the submitted works belongs to the organizing committee of the competition. The organizer and relevant units have the right to promote, display and publicize the submitted works. The organizer will indicate the name of the entrant and other relevant information when using the submitted works. The people (organizations) submitting the entry agree to transfer the intellectual property rights of their works (except the right of attribution) to the organizer when they submit their works.
4. The final right of interpretation of this competition belongs to Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University.