To establish ourselves as a cutting-edge neuroimaging research facility with a focus on problems that are specific to the South African environment. Through this we aim to develop and foster technical expertise, publish results in peer-reviewed journals, and strive towards better healthcare management in South Africa.

Structure and History

The Cape Universities Brain Imaging Centre (CUBIC) is a joint initiative between Siemens, Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town, and the Medical Research Council.

The core focus of the centre is collaborative neuroimaging research. The CUBIC is situated on the Stellenbosch University Health Sciences Campus and was commissioned in March 2007. Since then multiple research projects have been initiated in key areas including neurocognitive effects of HIV, TB, medical drugs, alcohol, crystal methamphetamine (TIK), fetal alcohol syndrome, trauma and schizophrenia. We have also had an impressive growth in basic science research on improved imaging and analyses techniques. In a collaboration with the Centre for High Performance Computing, data archiving and analysis can be facilitated on the largest computer cluster in Africa.