New paper in “Frontiers”

Dave Drew was part of the team of authors led by Dr. Annemarie Eckes-Shepard who recently had a new paper, entitled “Wood formation modelling – a research review and future perspectives”, published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

This is a comprehensive review, covering 16 wood formation models (WFMs) from three different disciplines, the earliest from 1968 and the latest from 2020. It is the first systematic cataloging, characterisation, and process-focused review of WFMs. Some important areas for future research are identified: (1) the extent of hormonal influence on the final tree ring structure; (2) the mechanism underlying the transition from earlywood to latewood in extratropical regions; and (3) the extent to which carbon plays a role as `active’ driver or `passive’ substrate for growth.

The abstract of the article is available here, pending final quality checks.

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