Hybrid Mobility Hub

The Hybrid Mobility Hub provides support for virtual exchanges and mobilities for students and staff. Virtual exchanges include ready-made opportunities which students can sign up for, but also existing mainstream courses with collaborative online international learning (COIL) experiences.

Here is a conceptual overview (still under construction) of the Hybrid Mobility Hub.

Online Summer School Opportunities

Online Summer School Opportunities

Various online summer school opportunities are on offer at partner universities of Stellenbosch University. Examples of Online Summer Schools: HUWISU Online Campus Sophia University: Summer Session in East …
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Featured Opportunities

Virtual Summer Undergraduate Research Programme

The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Virtual Summer Undergraduate Research Programme

Virtual Summer Exchange at Koç University

Apply for a Virtual Summer Exchange at Koç University

Designing a COIL course

Student Opportunities
Partnership Support

Hybrid learning is a method of presenting academic programmes consisting of short contact sessions of a week or two between the lecturer and students, combined with online learning, virtual classes and online liaison between lecturers and fellow students.

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