Book launch – A hero’s welcome for Prof Dean’s Handbook on Copyright (Revision 14)

Posted on Sep 25, 2012

Book launch – A hero’s welcome for Prof Dean’s Handbook on Copyright (Revision 14)

“From Dickens to Dean” was the heading of one of the book reviews after the Handbook of SA Copyright Law was first published in 1987. Since then The Handbook of South African Copyright Law has substantially been rewritten and updated to the extent that it is now in its third edition.

According to Mabel Jansen SC, “the hallmark of Dr Dean’s book is that he is a masterful craftsman as far as the layout and language of the work are concerned, rendering the contents of his work accessible to novice and expert alike. The book is a veritable tour de force which is rendered even more remarkable in that few authors have the ability to present such a complex subject matter in such an accessible and enjoyable format to read without the exclusion of any of the intricacies from its complexity. Dr Dean’s magnum opus encapsulates a lifetime dedicated to the law of copyright and evidences decades of research by a keen intellect, an ever enquiring, analytical mind, a lateral thinker, and a highly experienced practitioner. It is a handbook which caters for the beginner and expert, the academic and the practitioner alike. The book is remarkable, in every sense of the word, and has held pride of place in various generations of copyright practitioners’ libraries. Its stature is evidenced by the copious references thereto by our courts and academics.”

Juta law presented Prof Dean with a special commemorative edition of his book bearing the CIP regalia. On the photo (from left): Edmund Beerwinkel (Juta Law), Prof Owen Dean, Cedrick Pucrin, Anita Kleinsmidt (editor of the Handbook on Copyright).

According to attorneys, lawyers and students alike, this book hits the nail on the head and is the only authoritative publication dealing with all the aspects of copyright.

The Handbook of South African Copyright Law (Revision 14) has been published by Juta Law since 1987.

It is therefore only fitting that Juta Law Publishers decided to host a gala dinner to mark the occasion of this book’s 14th revision and third edition with true Stellenbosch style.

In addition, the re-launch celebrated Prof Dean’s valued alliance with Stellenbosch University and the repatriation of his seminal work as part of Stellenbosch University’s impressive collection of peer-reviewed publications.

The launch dinner was held at the STIAS Manor House on the evening of 30 August and the select group of guest received an opportunity to hear Cedric Pucrin SC (doyen of IP legal practice, advocate of the Supreme Court and Prof Dean’s long-time colleague and friend) deliver the keynote address.

In a masterful mix of serious legal analysis and insider views on IP litigation, Adv. Pucrin’s speech on the Oilwell v Protec International case and South Africa’s Amended Exchange Control Regulations found a captivated and well-entertained audience.

The CIP would like to thank Edmund Beerwinkel and Wayne Staples from Juta for their participation and all of the colleagues from the Faculty of Law who made this evening a great succees.

Congratulations to Prof Dean – we hope to see many more publications!


Annette van Tonder