Radio Interviews with Prof Dean on “Awakening The Lion” – Listen Here

Posted on Feb 12, 2013

Radio Interviews with Prof Dean on “Awakening The Lion” – Listen Here

Following the publication of Prof Owen Dean’s latest book, “Awakening The Lion – The Case Of The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by Tafelberg, and the University’s subsequent press release (available here), our incumbent chair of IP has been inundated with requests for an interview with him from various members of the media. It is not surprising that this unique book, and the internationally headlining story it recounts, would attract widespread interest – least of all from South African radio. It is, after all, a proudly South African story about the worldwide victory in a case that made legal history and restored to a South African family that which was rightfully theirs.

If you missed any of these interviews live on radio, you can listen to the recordings below. Click on the Play Button. Please allow sufficient time for the file to download and start playing.

“The Money Show” with Bruce Whitfield

Talk Radio 702 / 567 Cape Talk 106FM

Language: English

Duration: 13 min 46 sec

File Size: 16.5MB



“Naweek Aktueel” with Melissa Tighy

Radio Sonder Grense (RSG) 100-104Fm

Language: Afrikaans

Duration: 4 min 2 sec

File Size: 4.8MB



“People of Note” with Jean Badenhorst (Part 1)

Fine Music Radio 101.3FM

Language: English

Duration: 30 min 0 sec

File Size: 36 MB



“People of Note” with Jean Badenhorst (Part 2)

Fine Music Radio 101.3FM

Language: English

Duration: 28 min 51 sec

File Size: 34.6MB



“Afternoon Drive” with Craig Berman

ChaiFM 101.9FM

Language: English

Duration: 7 min 40 sec

File Size: 5.5MB




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