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Phishing scam warning: Your Apple Profile Suspension

Scammers have trawled the university web pages and perhaps even obtained e-mail addresses via compromised computers within the university, and are using these stolen addresses to create a phishing scam that can be dangerous, if you respond, especially if you have an Apple device and use iCloud etc.

The Subject will be “Your Apple Profile Suspension” (Notice the use of capitals for each word, already a sign that something is not right…)

Below is an example of such a mail. Do not respond to this mail, click on any of the links and fill in any details, on any page you might be directed to. This is a scam and you should firstly add the sender to your Blacklist, blacklist the subject line and consign the mail to your junkmail folder.

Here is the mail with the dangerous stuff filtered out, just in case you like clicking on links!…

From: Apple Accounts []
Sent: Friday, 31 October 2014 17:36
To: Stolen US Adress, AN <>
Subject: Your Apple Profile Suspension


This email is to to inform you we regret to announce you that your Apple Account ( has been temporarily locked until we can certify your Apple ID details on file. This security measure to safeguard your iCloud Account from unapproved usage. We apologise for any inconvenience.
How do I validate my Apple ID and unsuspended my Apple ID?
Just click the link below to verify ownership of your Apple ID. Log-in in using your iCloud Account and password, then read the instructions.>> Validate My Apple/iCloud Account

When using Apple devices and services, you’ll still sign in with your usual email account as your Apple login.

If you have questions or want support, visit the Apple ID Support site.

Kind Regards,
Apple Identity Verification

Resolution ID: #H8MND945-ID129

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