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SARS phishing scam

Please be on the lookout for the next phishing attack on the university network. This time (as occurred several times in 2018) it comes with a subject of “SARS eFiling Letter Notification”

This is an obvious phishing scam using a website to attempt to steal your login details.

  1. SARS will not send you an email with the salutation: “Dear Tax Payer”, they’ll address you personally.
  2. The sender is a compromised email address from an estate agent in Pretoria and not a SARS email address.
  3. The link takes you to a site that is not the SARS eFiling Server address.
  4. Apart from department admin who deals with SARS directly, university email addresses are not (and should not be) used for SARS communication.

Here is an example of the email that several of our observant colleagues and students have already reported:

Here is the phishing website that will attempt to steal your login details:

If you receive an email like this, please report it to IT Cyber Security as soon as possible.

Once you have reported the spam or phishing mail, you can delete it immediately. You can report this in two ways:

  1. By reporting it on the ICT Partner Portal. Go to Fill in your information and add the email as an attachment. Your request will automatically be logged on the system.
  2. By sending an email. 
    1. Start up a new mail addressed to
    2. Use the Title “SPAM” (without quotes) in the Subject.
    3. With this New Mail window open, drag the suspicious spam/phishing mail from your Inbox into the New Mail Window. It will attach the mail as an enclosure and a small icon with a light yellow envelope will appear in the attachments section of the – New Mail.
    4. Send the mail.


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