Faculty of Law statement on incident at Eendrag Men’s Residence

The Faculty of Law is deeply disappointed about another reported urination incident this past weekend at Eendrag. The Faculty fully supports the statement of Prof Deresh Ramjugernath, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, “Notwithstanding extensive interventions and the latest revised residence rules that strictly regulate alcohol use in residences, it is evident that more drastic action and regulations have become necessary, and there needs to be engagement with the municipality and business community as to how we can work together to curtail irresponsible alcohol consumption. We can leave no stone unturned in addressing this devastating behaviour”.  Every person’s dignity should at all times be protected and enhanced, which cannot be the case where there is undignified or demeaning conduct. The Faculty of Law wishes to underscore the importance that due process, as provided for within the University’s disciplinary framework, should be followed, and that this incident will be prioritised. See also the formal SU statement at Notices – Statement regarding Eendrag incident and… (sun.ac.za).

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