Introduction and Background

The Law Faculty boasts of rich tradition since its inauguration in 1921. Various prominent alumni have made deep impressions on society; both in South Africa and globally. We believe that the Faculty must continue with this prestige and educate alumni of excellence. This, however, is comprised of two important tenets: the most qualified and accessible academic staff, who will in turn create a welcoming space in which we can deliver the best achieving students. Or, to put it in another way: what must we do to educate the next Judge President?

To assist requires a great deal of additional funding. This necessity led to the creation of the Trust in 2013. Currently, trust capital is at R42,2m, due in large to the contributions of alumni and friends of the Law Faculty. Our aim is to have amassed R100m by the centenary in 2021.

Use of funds

There are several projects supported by the Trust, of which here are a few: Bursaries for postgraduate students, who mostly accomplish LLM and LLD degrees. Also, supportive funding to academic staff, which includes study bursaries, research initiatives to foreign countries and other research. A case in point is that of a lecturer that attended Oxford University and attained a first class BCL. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Faculty. Another important factor is the continuation of financial assistance to academic staff; our prestigious lecturers are targeted by both local and international institutions with financial incentive. The Trust also support the funding of academic material, as the University provides a paltry R70k per annum for this. Without premier literature, we simply cannot educate law students. The Writing Lab is another initiative we fund, as we found that despite the fact that we have the best law students, they do not necessarily possess the writing skills necessary for the legal profession. Lectures by foreign and visiting academici and practicing legal professionals are also paramount.

How can you assist?

Please make a donation to the Trust. You are more than welcome to specify to what ends your money should be utilised. These donations can be made in monetary terms or listed shares (please, no Capital Gain Tax), and please note that the relevant tax exemptions apply. You can find the details here, or click here to donate.


South African universities are under constant financial strain, and if we wish to not only maintain the quality and standards present, but also expound upon it, we need to contribute. No one else will care for our descendants but us.