SUNScholarData is an institutional research data repository which can be used for the registration, archival storage, sharing and dissemination of research data produced or collected in relation to research conducted under the auspices of Stellenbosch University. An institutional research data repository is defined in this sense as a database with a set of services to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute a university’s research data in digital formats.

There are two purposes for relying on SUNScholarData:

  1. It creates a medium through which our university’s research data can be made findable and accessible.
  2. It facilitates the interoperability and re-usability of the university’s research data.

SUNScholarData has a public interface which can be used for finding content as well as a private user accounts which can be used by Stellenbosch University users in order to upload, share or publish their research data. In addition to this Stellenbosch University researchers can also use SUNScholarData in order to collaborate with researchers from other institutions whilst working on their research projects.

SUNScholarData is powered by Figshare which is a web-based interface designed for research data management and research data dissemination. The repository provides the following functionality:

  • Research Data Management:

Private, controlled storage and collaborative spaces for every user within the agency.

  • Research Data Dissemination:

A customisable public portal with all digital files made public at an institutional, departmental and group level.

  • Administrative Workflow Management:

A portal where administrators can manage curation of files to be made public, storage space allocation and user rights.

  • Reporting dashboard:

Impact and usage reporting.


Author: Samuel Simango