During Research Week 2022, Claire Deakin from SAGE Publishing gave a presentation on their online research support platform, SAGE Research Methods. This powerful platform covers a variety of topics related to research and the research process. It is a database that contains thousands of resources specifically focusing on Research Methods and all stages of the research process is supported. Stellenbosch University does not have access to the full compliment of resources, but what is accessible should not be sneered at. There are books and reference materials, podcasts and video resources available.

In addition, you should have a look at the following features:

The Methods Map – a visualisation that demonstrates how methods are related and connects users to relevant content.

The Project Planner – step-by-step guidance on how to complete your research project.

Which Stats Test – a short questionnaire that will help determine which statistical method will best work for you.

Reading Lists – you can create lists of you own favourite content for your reference or to share with others.

For a more detailed overview, have a look at the Research Week 2022 presentation below: