To get this year’s Library Research Week underway, we will host a panel discussion for the launch event. The topic to be discussed is A saviour or monster in our midst? AI in higher education.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially the latest tool, ChatGPT, has created a lot of buzz in various fields, and higher education is no exception. As universities continue to adopt AI technologies to improve research, teaching, student learning and administrative processes, there are growing concerns about the potential risks and ethical implications of these technologies.

​In this panel discussion, experts will explore the question: “Is AI a saviour or monster in our midst?” The panel will examine the benefits and drawbacks of AI in higher education and its impact on students, faculty, and society at large.

Panel Speakers:

Mr. Wouter Klapwijk, Director: Information Technology Services, Library and Information Service, Stellenbosch University

Prof. Dion Forster, Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, Stellenbosch University

Prof. Michael Daramola, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria

Mr. Lennox Olivier, Blended Learning Coordinator, Stellenbosch University​

Date and Time

15 May 2023 @ 15h30 – 16h30

Important: The panel discussion will be held in the Stellenbosch University Library auditorium. It will also be live streamed via YouTube and not MS Teams. Those who wish to attend online will be sent a YouTube link to the event on the day. Please ignore the Teams link you will receive in the automated email.