SUNJournals welcomes a new addition

The Journal of Emerging African Scholarship (JEAS) is the first and currently only peer-reviewed journal based on the African continent publishing original scholarship written by undergraduate and honours students. Focused on publishing M.I.T (Multi-, Inter-, Transdisciplinary) research aimed at the African continent and its component parts.

Living by its motto Africa In Focus, Global In Impact, JEAS strives to promote African scholarship and pan-African cooperation in seeking to build Africa’s knowledge base from the ground up. JEAS also provides opportunities for masters and doctoral students to gain peer-review experience within the academic publishing environment.

Striving for excellence, JEAS follows the same procedures and requirements of academic peer-review and editorial policy of accredited journals. JEAS aims to become the first journal of its kind hosted on international indices and gain accreditation. We can be found at

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