Training for Rural Health

RCSProfessor Hoffie Conradie pioneered the first Rural Clinical with 8 students in 2011, in 2012 there were 21 students and in 2013 there were 22 medical students who completed their final year of training at the Rural Clinical School. In 2014 there are 18 students who have embarked on the adventure completing their final year in a rural environment which will enable them to be more skilled in dealing with common medical problems and in performing procedures. These students have elected to do their student internship at the Rural Clinical School instead of the main campus which is at Tygerberg Hospital. SURMEPI supported the students by providing a Dell Laptop to each student and by providing funds for various workshops. Students are also supported by various e-learning modalities including access to the curriculum via the podcast website, distance learning tutorials via Microsoft Lync, cloud based resource folders, Wi-Fi internet access in the hospitals and in 2014 the student laptops were loaded with 31 gigabyte of relevant clinical tutorials.

Professor Conradie and Dr Coetzee support and facilitate learning for the students at Worcester Hospital and those who are based at the district hospitals. A weekly outreach is done to various district Hospitals on a Tuesday.

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