Hippokrates is a student accommodation that consists of students from the faculty of health Sciences it is situated Tygerberg  Stellenbosch University, Parow. Hippo short for Hippokrates is a home to hundreds of students who have made it their second home. It is often said it has a very welcoming spirit, and that is all due to how diverse it is. It is rich with culture and talent, and has a very competitive spirit in all they take part in. Hippo is steered by three core values which are entrusted in every single resident. Their values are abbreviated into ART which simply spells out to amity, respect, and truth, respectively. From winning Vensters, molasser, ser and many other extra mural activities Hippo has shown that its strength is unity. Like any community, Hippo has its own challenges and short comings. The past few years, there has been an introduction of a new culture that is inclusive, respectful, and considerate to all.