Amirah Gabru

Tygerberg Prim Committee [TPC] Chairperson





The Tygerberg Prim Committee is the body compromising of the Primariuses and Primarias of Tygerberg Student Communities and the Tygerberg Prim Committee  chairperson who serves as an ex-officio member of the TSR. Essentially, this body exists to zoom in on the collective Tygerberg student experience inside our residence and PSO spaces. This includes identifying common challenges and sharing creative solutions.

The TPC Functions parallel to Stellenbosch Prim Committee with members of on TPC also serving on PC, and actively engage with residence and PSO leadership  from the whole university. The Tygerberg Prim Committee is aligned with the vision in the  PK constitution that states:
4.1 Members of the PC will function as a unit and will each serve as a representative of their various House on the PC, as well as indirectly on the SRC and other SU bodies.
4.2 The PC will continuously take into regard the needs of SU students in general.
4.3 The PC will strive towards its vision of enriching the experiences of student life on campus.