Selected URDR Research outputs
    • The URDR builds collaborative theory from below to offer an evidence base for existing work. It acts as a bridge between academics and practitioners to identify synergies and innovations from communities of practice. Below are some selected research outputs from the URDR. This is not a comprehensive list.

"Religion and the secular both need contemporary hermeneutical review…it is important that from within their own traditions, people work on the relationship between religion, the secular and human rights to see what might be possible to affirm in common." -  Paul Weller

Key Academic Publications

Du Toit, L. & Le Roux, E. 2020. A feminist reflection on male victims of conflict-related sexual violence. European Journal of Women’s Studies, 1-14.

Le Roux, E. & Bartelink, B.W. 2020. What’s in a name? Identifying the harm in ‘harmful traditional practices’. In Kraft, K. & Wilkinson, O.J. (ed.s) International Development and Local Faith Actors: Ideological and Cultural Encounters. Oxon: Routledge.

Selected Policy and Learning Briefs

Key Technical Reports

Recent Media Engagements
  • Key Conference Presentations
    • Palm, S. 2020. “The role of local faith actors’ involvement in ending violence against children” Symposium Presentation at International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) Conference in Qatar. 15-17th February 2020.
    • Le Roux, E. & Palm, S. 2019. “PhotoVOICE 2.0: Harnessing religious women’s agency in responding to VAW and VAC.” Paper Presentation at Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum October 2019.
    • Le Roux, E. 2019. "Religion, Gender and GBV: Recommendations for a Strategic Research Agenda." Presentation at UNCSW Session Unlocking the Power of Faith-based Partnerships- Enabling the Right to Social Protection.
    • Le Roux, E. 2019. “So is it all just about sex? Religion and the need to control female sexuality.” Presentation on Religion and the Production of Difference, Annual Conference of the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion.
    • Palm, S. 2018. "Building Bridges: Engaging Faith Communities around ending harmful traditional practices". Presentation at United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Sponsored by Danish Embassy and Act Alliance. March 2018.
    • Le Roux, E. 2018. “Agency or complicity? Religious women and violence.” Princeton University School of Religion: Symposium on Religion and Violence.
    • Le Roux, E. 2018. “Religion and gender-based violence: Responsible Development.” Africa Diaconia and Community Development Conference.
    • Palm, S. 2018. "Decolonizing Diaconia: A critical exploration of the role of the helper". Africa Diaconia & Community Development Conference.
    • Palm, S. 2018. "Religious Leader Engagement in Ending Child Marriage". Delivered interactive workshop in person to share new tools with GNB members at Girls Not Brides Global Conference, Malaysia. June 2018.
    • Le Roux, E. & Bartelink, B.E. 2017. “Exploring the Nexus between Harmful Traditional Practices, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Religion: Working effectively with Faith Leaders.” Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum 2017.
    • Le Roux, E. & Olivier, J. 2017. “Critiquing gender-based violence intervention models using a ‘cascade approach’ to changing (faith) community beliefs and behaviours.” Sexual Violence Research Initiative Forum 2017.
    • Le Roux, E. & Palm, S. 2017. "Taking note of the gendered implications of reconciliation". Paper presented at Exploring the Role of Religion and Reconciliation in Political Transition Workshop 22-23 May 2017.
    • Palm, S.  2017. "Re-imagining sin: Engaging intersectional oppressions? Embodied Experiences from a South African church youth group." Conference paper at launch of the Gender Unit, Beyers Naude Centre for Public Theology.
    • Le Roux, E. & Loots, L. 2016. "Faith and gender justice: how the secular/ faith divide is limiting GBV prevention and response." Paper at the Global Network for Public Theology Conference.
    • Le Roux, E. & Kramm, N. 2016. "Faith based organisations and the challenge of defining organisational religious identity." Paper at the Sociological Association of South Africa annual Conference.
    • Palm, S. 2016. "An Embodied Public Theological Praxis? Building a human rights culture in South Africa today". Conference paper at the Global Network for Public Theology conference.
    • Palm, S. “Relinquishing the Imperial Impulse? Reclaiming the rights of the poor. Lessons from South Africa.” Paper presented at International Conference & Consultation on Global Poverty, 25-27th October 2016, Istanbul, Turkey.
    • Le Roux, E. 2015." Taking a look at the evidence: the role of faith communities in prevention and response to SGBV." Presentation at the World Bank Religion and Sustainable Development Conference. 7-9 July 2015.
    • Le Roux, E.2014. Exploring statistics: Intersectionality and violence against women with disabilities.  EDAN Women’s Conference.  Johannesburg.
    • Le Roux, E.  2011.  The church and peace processes:  A case study of Jos. ISTR African Civil Society Research Network Conference.  Stellenbosch University.

    Selected Curriculum Modules

    Educational training tools or curricula modules developed by URDR researchers include:

    • Preventing Violence against Children, Toolkit Module for ERD Liberia, 2020.
    • GBV-Related Trauma & Resilience, Toolkit Module for ERD Liberia, 2020.
    • Theological Frameworks for Engaging GBV, Toolkit Module for ERD Liberia 2020.
    • The Practice-Based Knowledge Learning Cycle, Interactive Training Sessions for The Prevention Collaborative, 2019.