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  • Prof Anneke Hesseling
    Prof Anneke Hesseling
  • Prof Peter Bock
    Prof Peter Bock
  • Mrs Sterna Brand
    Mrs Sterna Brand
  • Dr Anne-Marie Demers
    Dr Anne-Marie Demers
  • Prof Peter Donald
    Prof Peter Donald
  • Dr Rory Dunbar
    Dr Rory Dunbar
  • Dr Karen du Preez
    Dr Karen du Preez
  • Dr Anthony Garcia-Prats
    Dr Anthony Garcia-Prats
  • Dr Graeme Hoddinott
    Dr Graeme Hoddinott
  • Dr Florian Marx
    Dr Florian Marx
  • Dr Sue-Ann Meehan
    Dr Sue-Ann Meehan
  • Dr Muhammad Osman
    Dr Muhammad Osman
  • Prof Simon H. Schaaf
    Prof Simon H. Schaaf
  • Prof James Seddon
    Prof James Seddon
  • Mr Theodore Smith
    Mr Theodore Smith
  • Prof Marieke van der Zalm
    Prof Marieke van der Zalm
  • Dr Elisa Lopez Varela
    Dr Elisa Lopez Varela
  • Dr Frieda Verheye-Dua
    Dr Frieda Verheye-Dua
  • Dr Elisabetta Walters
    Dr Elisabetta Walters

Postgraduate PhD Students

The DTTC has a strong focus on capacity building and transformation. Our current PhD degree students include:

Nomtha Mandla
Recruitment, participation and retention of research participants in the HPTN 071 Population Cohort, South Africa

Lario Viljoen
Young women's sexual decision-making in the context of earlier ART-access

Karen du Preez
Complementary surveillance strategies and interventions to inform a tuberculosis care cascade for children

Muhammad Osman
TB-associated mortality in South Africa: longitudinal trends and the impact of health system interventions

Louvina van der Laan
Pharmacometric modelling as a tool to optimise TB Treatment in children

Laing de Villiers
Identity fluidity on the margins of Cape Winelands communities

Dillon Wademan
Intergenerational chronicity and comorbidity of living with HIV, TB, and chronic conditions in South Africa

Hanlie Myburgh
The state and the citizen in the scale-up of HIV services in South Africa

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