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2022 Union World Conference

The BENEFIT Kids Project, funded by Unitaid, aims to improve MDR-TB treatment for children, improving their health and reducing childhood deaths. In 2022, we presented important findings at the virtual Union World Conference on Lung Health 2022 (November 8-11) that were well-received:

  1. Delamanid Tablets for Children: Dispersed 50mg delamanid tablets have the same effectiveness as whole tablets. This means they can be used in children and patients who can't swallow whole tablets, improving treatment accessibility.
  2. Treatment Outcomes in Young Children: We conducted a global analysis of individual patient data to assess the impact of bedaquiline and delamanid on treatment outcomes in children under 3-6 years old with rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis. This helps us understand their effectiveness and safety in young children.
  3. Predictors of Treatment Outcomes in Children: In our efforts to enhance the treatment of paediatric rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis (RR-TB), we conducted a comprehensive global review and individual patient data meta-analysis. This extensive study examined demographic, clinical, and treatment factors that influenced outcomes in 20,395 children and adolescents (0-19 years) receiving treatment for RR-TB.
  4. Optimising Levofloxacin Formulations for Children: We conducted a crossover study comparing the pharmacokinetics of novel dispersible (paediatric) and standard non-dispersible (adult) levofloxacin formulations in children receiving routine preventive therapy for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis. The study revealed differences in bioavailability and exposure between the formulations, prompting the development of new, optimised dosing strategies based on age and weight for globally available formulations.