The University of Stellenbosch

BENEFIT Kids Satellite Session

The BENEFIT Kids Project, funded by Unitaid and led by Stellenbosch University, hosted a satellite session at the 53rd annual Union World Conference on Lung Health in Paris.

 The session was chaired by Professors Anneke Hesseling and Anthony Garcia-Prats. Results were presented from various studies under the BENEFIT Kids umbrella. Results from the groundbreaking MDR-TB Prevention trial (TB-CHAMP) were presented by Professors Hesseling and James Seddon.

Drs Hoddinott and Tanesha presented novel research on exploring children’s taste preferences for medication (ChilPref ML Study) and provided a demonstration on the preparation of four essential medications for children.

Drs Megan Palmer, Dr Lario Viljoen and Nishi Suryavanshi presented findings on the CATALYST trial, including data on pharmacokinetics, safety, and acceptability. Ciara Goslett and Blessina Kumar gave a passionate presentation on the importance of access to better formulations for children from a community perspective. The event was attended by more than 150 attendees and was well received.