The University of Stellenbosch

BENEFIT Kids | Formulation Development

Improving the availability of child-friendly formulations of 2nd-line TB drugs

Led by TB Alliance and in partnership with Stellenbosch University, the BENEFIT Kids project is working closely with generic manufacturers to accelerate progress and ensure the development of novel or optimised formulations of two key drugs, moxifloxacin and linezolid, to ensure that formulations are child-friendly and palatable. As part of this work, a study of the best tasting formulation blend of these drugs (ChilPref_ML) was successfully completed in healthy child volunteers in South Africa in 2022. The results, to be disseminated in 2023, have informed the taste selection of these new formulations.  We will continue to build on this work and undertake more field work on optimal and practical delivery methods of TB medications to children.

BENEFIT Kids: The ChilPref ML Study

Representative procedure for preparation of compounded BDQ syrup suspension from tablets