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Learning Technologies: How, what and where?

Over the years you may have heard many terms, including computer-assisted learning, e-learning, blended learning, and technology enabled learning, to name a few. The common denominator being learning. Educational Technologies/ Learning Technologies refers to the “broad range of communication, information, and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment.”[1] These also include the systems, networks and databases required to support the various forms of technology that are used by lecturers and students on a daily basis.

In the Stellenbosch University context, the support and delivery of effective Learning Technology Systems requires the collaborative effort of a number of individuals who work across Faculties and Support services. We realise that as a lecturer, administrative officer or student, what you really want to know is who to contact when you need help, and what the help is that you may ask for.

This collaborative team incorporates 4 levels of support and includes a range of services, systems and platforms including, but not limited to:

  1. The Learning Management System (SUNLearn)
  2. SUNStream
  3. Project management for new system development
  4. Microsoft Teams for educational purposes
  5. SUNOnline (the short course Learning Management System)
  6. Student feedback system
  7. E-Portfolios




Support type



Blended learning coordinator
Computer User Area Staff

  • Advisory / hands-on training for staff
  • Direct CUA support

Contact directly via email



Centre for Learning Technologies

  • Staff and student queries for Learning technologies via a support desk
  • Staff training for specific Learning Technologies
  • Training material development
  • Instructional design support
021 808-2222

Student Feedback Office

  • Student feedback system
021 808 3717


Academic ICT: Learning Technology Systems

  • Relationship management between Faculties and ICT
  • Project advice and management for learning technology projects in Faculties
  • Management of Learning Technology Systems
  • Advisory service

ICT Partner portal:


Short Course Division

  • SUNOnline, Short course applications, registration and payment


ICT Operations and Institutional Software Teams

  • Architecture, development, maintenance, security, priority incident management

ICT Partner Portal

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