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SafeCom: 3 things to remember

In 2010 our campuses switched to the Safecom printing system, a centralised print management system with accounting capabilities.

The main motivations for its implementation were the ease of use, lower paper usage and reducing overall costs. Additionally the printing system provides secure pull printing with access control and full encryption, enable staff and students to print from anywhere and also reduces waste. More detailed instructions can be found on FIRGA’s website.

There are three things to remember when you use a Safecom printer:

After using a Safecom printer you have to sign off.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. If you remain signed in, someone else can use your print credits.
  2. Your credits are reserved by the printer for an hour after which it is released. If you don’t immediately print and go to another printer without signing off at the first one, your credits will remain reserved and it could indicate that you don’t have enough credits. This means that a person can only print at one printer at a time.

Make sure you have enough credits. 

Safecom cannot establish beforehand how many credits your printing will cost. If you start printing and you run out of credits, it will be problematic.

Select the correct colour option

Before you print, choose the appropriate colour option in the print interface on your PC. If the default is colour, it will cost substantially more. (price per page is listed on our Service Catalogue)


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