Woman in Science #24: Dr Charissa Naidoo

Hello everyone! Today is a very special day as it marks the very fist blog post for the 21 day #Lockdown in South Africa. We hope that our blog will bring you some inspiration and encouragement during this difficult time. Speaking of inspiration, read all about our latest #SpotlightScientist below.

Our final #FeatureFriday researchers for the #WomansHistoryMonth blog series is Dr Charissa Naidoo, a postdoctoral fellow in the Clinical Mycobacteriology & Epidemiology (CLIME) research group at the Division of Molecular Biology and Human Genetics.

Read all about Dr Naidoo’s research interests and amazing achievements in her profile below!


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Tomorrow’s researcher is postdoctoral fellow Dr Tashnicao Sylvester, more infamously known as the Lion lady of MBHG.  To know more – visit our blog same time tomorrow!