Changes at Library following repeal of Covid-19 regulations

Following the repeal of the remaining national Covid-19 regulations on 22 June 2022 and a statement issued by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Social Impact, Transformation and Personnel on 24 June, the Library (SU Library and branches) has decided to implement the following changes:

Number of clients and booking system

From 27 June 2022, the Library no longer has a limit on the number of clients and the buildings can be filled to capacity. The booking system in most of the Library venues will no longer apply, except at the Makerspace, Auditorium and some group study seminar rooms in the SU Library.

Sanitisation stations and social distancing

The Library will retain the sanitisation stations inside its buildings and where possible, clients are urged to continue maintaining social distancing.

SU access cards

Staff and students are reminded to always be in possession of their SU staff/student cards to access the Library buildings. No access will be granted without these cards.


The Library is in the process of implementing a new access system for visitors (such as alumni, prospective postgraduates and school learners). Until the new system is in place visitors do not have walk-in access to the libraries. Visitors, may however, contact SU Library Special Collections, SU Library Client Service, Music Library, Theology Library, Engineering and Forestry Library, Medicine and Health Sciences Library or Bellville Park Campus Library to make an appointment to visit the library in person.

Visitors who qualify for lending privileges may use the Request a Book for Pickup service.

All visiting researchers and academics must make prior arrangements through their faculties and departments to gain access to the Library.

Complaints about noise levels

Following complaints about high levels of noise in the Library, staff and students are reminded to adhere to the Library rules. The Library has designated quiet spaces where talking is not allowed. This rule will be strictly applied in the second semester.

For further details contact Ms Delene Pretorius

You Spoke! – We’re Acting! Library Survey 2021

Were you one of our 1 147 clients who “spoke” and completed the Library’s survey last year? Your responses have enabled the Library to identify where we need to improve, as well as where we are doing well. How is the Library responding? Below, we present what “You said” and how “we’re acting”.

1. IT
You said… We’re Acting…
Provide easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own ·         The Library is developing video tutorials and more courses on SUNLearn


Make it easy to locate information on the Library website ·         The Library has made interim changes on the website

·         We are also looking at redesigning a client-focused website with better navigation

Make it easy to access information to use by myself ·         With us creating video tutorials and improving the Library website, it will be easy to access information independently
Make it easy to use my devices (laptops, smartphones and tablets) to access Library e-resources and services off-campus.


·         The Library is developing videos to guide you on how to access resources from your devices

·         The Library added content on how to use devices to access e-resources to the Off-campus access to Library E-resources webinar (#SmartStudent workshop) and to training sessions for undergraduates and postgraduates

·         We are willing to hear any further challenges and we will address them

2. Collections & information resources
You said… We’re Acting…
Improve print &/or e-journal collections that I require for my work



·         We will continue to actively negotiate and lobby for additional funding to improve print &/or e-journal collections that are required for the learning, teaching and research needs of academics and students.

·         In addition, the Library will continue to involve you (clients) in spending our library acquisitions budget and will communicate information to faculties annually. Faculties are also given an opportunity to review their journal titles.


3. Research support
You said… We’re Acting…
Improve research support (such as helping me manage my references, research data, guiding me in terms of open access publishing and helping me track my research impact)


·         The Library is making a big effort to reach researchers and postgraduate students and recommends attendance of our #SmartResearcher workshops and the annual Library Research Week.

·         We are increasing our marketing efforts through the Library Research News blog, library guides, social media and targeted e-mails. We will continue to investigate new platforms to market our services to you as our client.

Completion of SU Library Refurbishment Project

We are pleased to inform all stakeholders of the completion of the SU Library Refurbishment Project. Construction work began in February 2021 and was completed at the beginning of May 2022. The handover of all the spaces to the Library was officially done on 13 May 2022. Save for some snagging, the project is now complete.

The project ran in three overlapping phases:

Phase 1 of the project consisted of renovations of the client service desk, short loans and related staff work areas and staff toilets as well as the refurbishment of lower-level toilets.

Phase 2 of the project entailed work in the central section of the upper level that involved the installation of new students’ study and work areas, and the completion of new flooring.

Phase 3 comprised the renovation of the entrance foyer, access control and new security area and the installation of the adjacent reading area as well as new work desks for students along the double volume space.

We would like to thank all clients for demonstrating high levels of tolerance, understanding and patience during these refurbishments. Disruptive as they were, these renovations have ensured that clients have access to comfortable and effective spaces that befit a world class Library in a world class research-intensive University.

For further details contact Delene Pretorius

See the Picture gallery of the completed spaces.