Beginning of a Discovery Journey: Summary of Library Orientation 2024

The excited anticipation of the library orientation could be heard and felt throughout the University of Stellenbosch Library from 5 February 2024. The theme of the program, which lasted until 7 February was Let’s library together! Our dedicated staff, dressed in the University’s branded t-shirts, eagerly awaited to welcome and guide hundreds of newcomers on their journey through the vast sea of knowledge.

The students, representing various faculties, enthusiastically embraced the discovery journey. They were treated to a brief yet insightful tour of the library’s key spaces, including the innovative Makerspace, the Learning Commons, and quiet study areas.

Students gathering outside the SU Library to go on a library tour

After the tour, an engaging video was shown, showcasing the library’s numerous services and resources. But the excitement didn’t end there! On 5 February, the library tours came to life with the surprise appearance of the University’s mascot, Pokkel, who delighted students with freebies and led them in an enthusiastic Mexican wave in the library auditorium. Students enjoyed the opportunity to capture memories with Pokkel, immortalising this joyful occasion.

The Stellenbosch University Mascot, Pokkel, who delighted students with freebies and led them in a spirited Mexican wave in the Library Auditorium

The enthusiasm among library staff for the year ahead is palpable. They are committed to guiding students on their academic journey and have invited students not only to meet their faculty librarians but also to participate in GetSmart@URLibrary from 12 to 16 February — a valuable opportunity to enhance their information literacy skills through one-on-one drop-in consultations with library staff. This initiative aims to empower students to effectively navigate the vast landscape of information and equip them with the tools necessary for academic success.

Students enjoyed the library tours

Amidst all the activities in the library, we warmly welcome all students. We are delighted that they embrace the library as their space and are committed to ensuring that their journey at Stellenbosch University is enriching and rewarding. As Albert Einstein allegedly said, “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library,” and we stand ready to be their compass on this journey of discovery.

So, as you navigate the corridors of academia, remember that the library is not just a physical space—it is a gateway to endless possibilities and opportunities. We invite you to explore, discover, and find your favourite spot in the library—a sanctuary where knowledge knows no bounds.

Welcome to Stellenbosch University Library—where every question finds an answer, and every student finds their path to success.

Theresa Schoeman