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High Mountain Flowing Water (高山流水 gāo shān liú shuǐ)

High Mountain and Flowing Water is one of the top ten famous traditional Chinese music pieces. It has a high aesthetic and musical value which reminds people of a spring of fresh water merrily flowing down a mountain, and the waves playfully rising.  It is full of the harmony between man and nature, and exudes the atmosphere of the harmony of nature, earth and people, with both lyricism and simulation, the combination of virtual and real, the integration of scenes and the lofty atmosphere. On August 20, 1977, the Voyager spacecraft launched by NASA into outer space carried a gold-plated record that is said to have been preserved for 1 billion years, including the song “running water” played by Mr. Guan Pinghu, a famous pianist in China.

This awesome ancient Chinese music represents cherished friendship in Chinese culture. Although the piece usually performed today is not the same as it used to almost 3,000 years ago, it conveys the same idea, the magnificence of high mountains and the power of moving water. Now, please enjoy this beautiful music played by both Chinese Guzhen by clicking the following links:



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