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Niányèfàn (年夜饭)

The Niányèfàn (年夜饭) refers to the family dinner on New Year’s Eve. Being one of the most important meals of the year for Chinese people, it is the heart of the Spring Festival.

So, in preparation for this big meal, what does a typical day look like? Let’s join Yegor on his videoblog and experience this first-hand! These Niányèfàn (年夜饭) festivities take place in 2021, which is the Year of the OX.

The Chinese New Year meal is not only about enjoying delicious food. Traditional Chinese New Year dishes are steeped in meaning, symbolism and wordplay.

See what’s for dinner in this video!

And here is another video about the traditional foods of a Chinese New Year meal. There’s lots of food and this is not a typical meal…there’s lots of symbolism and puns involved. Click the following link and enjoy the video.

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